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Welcome to the African-American Writers' Community and Fund!  It was established on January  5, 2005, in Jamaica, New York, at 3:21p Eastern Time, by Donna Lee.  Our mission is to help develop, nurture, and sustain the community of African-American and other writers.

The Fund is so named because in the footsteps of Alice Walker, we would similarly like to nurture a community of African-American writers and others, not to solve any problems, per se, nor to do any conflict resolution.  This community is a way for African-American writers and others to share consciousness and to comfort and nurture each other because so many are alone.  You do not have to be African-American to join us.  

We would like to reinforce the consciousness, as Alice Walker so eloquently put it that "[L]ife is about growth, struggle, and trying to expand your love of self and others.  Also to try really hard not to cause harm--to cultivate a way of life that is harmless.  This is likely to take all your energy for your entire life.  And if you harm some folks along the way, well, that's why the apology was born."

Also, see our "What's New" page to get the e-mail addresses of writers in our community who would like to "commune" with other writers for support, ideas, etc.  Please e-mail me to tell us what you think of our community and to give ideas to help improve it.