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See my over 20-year PERFECT (!) record without a single complaint in all those years (!) at the BBB at the url directly below this:


Buy my book described below entitled, Guerrilla Financing Tipstm here:  www.tinyurl.com/guerrillafinancingtipstm  


This book is a ginormous bargain!!! You can use the following tips as I have for over two decades in which time I profited to the tune of over hundreds of thousands of dollars, at least half a million (!) though not all at the same time!


Just the tip of the iceberg of money, benefits, prizes, etc. that I’ve gotten over the past two decades is:

1990 to the present—over $200,000 in Social Security Disability benefits including a lump sum payment of $8,000 in 1990 (It pays to be honest and pay your taxes folks! That’s what they’re worth!)
1992 to the present—over $230,000 in HUD rental subsidies
1995—an $8,000 grant from VESID (Vocational and Educational Services to Individuals with Disabilities) to start a business
1998—over $3,000 in commissions for helping about 30 people recover over $30,000 in unclaimed funds from the New York State Comptroller. I have the receipts of these still.
1999-2001—tens of thousands in student loans which loans are all current and I don’t have to repay a cent yet although the interest is accumulating.
8/10/2000—I won $300 in New York State’s Quick Draw Lottery—the largest lottery payout I’d ever won up to that date. The one before that was $100 in 1989 and having won $100 more than once since then.
12/23/2003—I won $290 in New York State’s Daily Numbers Lottery by playing my birthday number 325 (March 25th) straight and box for 50 cents each way.
2005--$2,500 Settlement from Catholic Charities for defamation of character; $300 Settlement from The Queens Chronicle Newspaper for wrongfully having published my medical records at the behest of Catholic Charities all of which I negotiated without the help of a lawyer although I consulted at least 12 different lawyers who all said they couldn’t win said cases because they didn’t have the expertise! I didn’t have to go to court either (I still have written proof of some of these payments!); over $800 from New York City’s Homebase for rent arrears; and $150 from New York State Lottery’s scratch-offs.
2006—I won a judgment in Queens, NY small claims court of $500 from McDonald’s (yes, THAT McDonald’s) which they refused to settle, for having found a foreign object in my food. I still have the written judgment.
2007—I won a settlement of $1,000 from the City of New York for a slip and fall in front of the Civil Court in Queens. I still have New York City’s Notice of Claim number from that settlement.
4/17/2010—I won $500 in the nationwide lottery game, Powerball, which had just come to New York State in January of that year after having paid a psychic $10 for the numbers, which numbers I can prove she gave to me and what the winning numbers for that day were. I thought I’d won $100 but I’d forgotten that I’d played the Power Play which came up 5X that night, which is the highest possible!
The good luck goes on and on! I’ve already gotten significant financial boons in 2014, including a grant from New York City’s Human Resources Dept. of over $1,300 to pay rent arrears and two settlements without having to travel to their offices because of my health concerns, and settlements of $100 from Walgreens and $750 from Taco Bell which I negotiated myself without the help of lawyers who again said they thought they couldn’t win said cases!  I got serious money in 2015 and 2016 and the profits continue!

You can use the enclosed tips and guide as I have for over two decades in which time I profited to the tune of over tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, though not all at the same time! If you’d like, you can also get your own personalized “Survive Until You Thrive Money Makeovertm” directly from me by going to my website at the end of these tips. I’ve also included in this book my Guide to Free Money and “Survive Until You Thrive Money Makeover Questionnairetm” which you will need to answer to get started with your personal "Survive Until You Thrive Money Makeovertm" with me with pricing and instructions. Go to my websites enclosed for more history and pricing and FREEBIE$$$$!!!!! 

$$$!!!GOOD LUCK!!!$$$























Press Release                 For further info. please contact

For Immediate Release           Donna Lee at avataress@msn.com 


To announce her upcoming volume of poetry entitled, The Universal Mother, which work is to have a photo of the Venus of Willendorf , grace its cover, and has beeb entered for the 2018 Pulitzer Prize, Donna Lee, who is also disabled (perhaps a first for a Pulitzer contender!) has also sent a copy of the dedication of her book, along with a copy of the title poem and a small gift to her almost two-three-year-long correspondent, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor for Valentine's Day 2016!  Madame Justice Sotomayor has kindly and repeatedly, in writing, acknowledged Ms. Lee's generosity and excellence in very warm terms.  The dedication and title poem arrived at the U.S. Supreme Court under separate cover from the gift to acknowledge Justice Sotomayor's kind expressions of gratitude and praise to Ms. Lee for this holiday for expressions of love of all kinds through the Loveland, CO, re-mailing program which re-mails Valentines and adds their own special logo and poem which is different every year for this occasion.  Ms. Lee has dedicated her book to Justice Sotomayor among several of her other closest loved ones and associates.  Don't miss it!  This book's ISBN # is:  1520281870.




Thank you for participating and for working with me to make this site a place of sustenance and support for African-American and other writers! Tell a friend about us! And don't forget to see other organizations that are presently giving grants to writers on our "Favorite Links" page. I have applied for two of those grants myself, and I expect to hear from them in March and May 2005. I will post here whether I was successful in receiving those grants.

You can promote your books by getting low-cost stickers from www.zazzle.com (a company with world-class customer service!)  

Just for your further information, Steve Huffman, founder of www.reddit.com, spent only $500 once on stickers five years ago and now his website receives billions of views per month, and tens of millions of unique visitors every month!  The possibilities are endless!  You can see the article about his phenomenal success at:


Another way to publish your books is on www.amazon.com's e-reader, Kindle.  It costs nothing to do, your book will be available for sale within one day and they pay up to 70% royalties!  

I received word from the Institute for Anarchist Studies on March 9, 2005 in a letter dated February 28, 2005, that they did not fund my application. To apply for the Institute for Anarchist Studies grant, one must pay a $10.00 application fee. They stated to me that they had 35 applicants. I have not yet learned who the winner was, nor for what project s/he/they won.

This outcome taught me to be wary of entering contests for grants which require even a small application fee, unless the granting organization is giving something in return for the application fee other than a chance to apply, like a subscription to a publication they publish or some other membership gratuity. I would caution people to think long and hard before entering ANY contest which requires a fee unless you are sure you are going to get SOMETHING for your fee other than the chance to enter! I will NOT be referring any other grant makers who ask for a fee on my links page on this site in the future. All other grantors presently listed on my "Favorite Links" page DO NOT ask for a fee to apply for their grants.

I received word from The Puffin Foundation on March 21, 2005, that they, too, did not fund my grant request. They did not say what the flaws were in my proposal which made them decide not to fund it. Just because I did not succeed this time in getting my grant from The Puffin Foundation, that doesn't mean that you won't succeed if you try. I strongly recommend it. If anyone gets a grant from any of the grantmaking sources listed on our "Favorite Links" page, please let me know!

A neighbor told me on Saturday, February 19, 2005 that she knows of a contact at the New York Urban League who can possibly help me get money to further support our community on this site. As of April 13, 2005, this contact has not produced any funding sources that we can access before we become a 501(c)3 non-profit, nor any non-profit organizations that we can partner with, although I have spoken with her; so, I will not recommend her on this site. I'll keep looking around for funding.

amazingmail.com and borders.com have both turned us down for funding. www.borders.com has told me that once we become a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that they can then, and ONLY then, consider donating to us. This is our community, or one of them; let's all help to make it great!

In February and May of 2005 and January of 2006, I had three articles published in the Mountain Astrologer, Dell Horoscope,, and Education Revolution, entitled, Saturn and the Shadow, Jung's Personality Types and Astrology, and, My and Five Others' Opinions about the Purposes of Schooling," respectively.  See the last article, in it's unabridged form in my book of essays and with original astrological notations in my books (see below).

I published my first book of essays in May 2008, entitled, Nowheresville, Everywhere, Earth, and competed for the Pulitzer Prize in the category of General Non-Fiction with it in the Spring of 2009.  I did not win, but am proud to have been a contender.  You can see a description of my book's contents and buy a copy, should you wish, from my publisher, www.authorhouse.com/bookstore, for $12.00 plus shipping.  You can also read it free at the Central Branch of the Queens Library. 

On June 16, 2012, I published my latest book entitled, Astrological Thinkfest, on www.amazon.com's e-reader, Kindle.  You can see a free preview by going to this link:


You can see a free preview of my first book, Nowheresville, Everywhere, Earth, at the link below.


My other books for sale on Kindle, all of which, by the way, including the first two listed above, you can preview (for free!) buy, read, and print on your computer without owning a Kindle (see http://read.amazon.com for this capability if you don't already have it!) are:

Inquiry Journal Compilation Volume 1 Nos. 1-50


and a volume of autobiography



We now have a Fiscal Sponsorship with We, the World, Inc., a 501(c)(3) corporation, so your donations will be tax deductible.  See our home page for details.

WRITING CONTEST! "Can you write like Hemingway?" WRITING CONTEST!

I recently learned that Ernest Hemingway wrote a short story consisting of only six (6) words which he considered to be his best work.  That short story is:

"Baby shoes.  For sale.  Never worn."

At first this meant nothing to me.  Then when I pondered it, I saw why Hemingway was justly proud of his work, for it portrayed all the pathos and tragedy of human life, the love, the loss, the helplessness, etc. and then we ourselves, each of us, must die, in just six words!

We're having a contest here to see if you can write like Hemingway.  Write a short story of just six (6) words about what it means to be a great writer.  My entry (not applicable for competition!) is:

"Keep it brief; keep it brief!" 

We will have one 1st Prize Winner, who will win 100 $.45 cent stamps, two (2) runners up, one male, one female, who will each win 20 $.45 cent stamps, and seven (7) honorable mentions with no prizes attached.  The winners will be announced here, along with their entries, on our "What's New" Page, on Monday, March 5, 2012 by 11:59pm. 

The contest begins on Monday, February 6, 2012 at 12am and ends on Friday, Monday, February 20, 2012 at 11:59pm or after we've received 100 entries, whichever comes first.  If we need to announce the end of the contest before February 20, 2012, we will do so on this page.  Please check here to make sure the contest is still running before sending your entry.  After the contest is closed, we will immediately discard any future entries.  All entries must be received during this time period and will be date and time stamped according to the e-mail headers on them.  This contest is open only to U.S. residents, 18 years of age or older.  All my decisions about contest winners are final.

Send your entry and your first and last name in the body of your e-mail (we will not open any attachments!) to avataress@msn.com with the words, "Hemingway Contest" in the subject line, as outlined above.  If you are one of the three monetary value prizes winners, we will contact you by e-mail to get your address and phone number and a copy of your I.D. to be able to deliver your prizes.  If you do not submit a copy of your photo ID (U.S. State Driver License or U.S. State I.D., U.S. Passport, or Birth Certificate will be acceptable I.D.) within 7 business days of us requesting it, in writing, of you, you will forfeit your prize and another winner will be selected.  Prizes will be sent within 6 weeks of announcement and confirmation of all winners' ages.  Non-winning entries will not be retained nor will they be acknowledged as received.  We are not responsible for lost or misdirected entries or any entries that we don't receive in time.  Good luck!

The Hemingway Contest is officially over.  Strangely enough, no one entered so there will be no more to report here on that contest.  We'll rethink this and perhaps try something else another time.

Should we run this contest again?  What should the prizes be?  e-mail me at avataress@msn.com with the word "Hemingway" in the subject line to let me know!  

"To Commune" Writers are as follows:


Donna Lee, webmaster, entrepreneur, essayist, philanthropist, poet, short story writer, mystic and metaphysician

Dr. Tom A. Williams

Author Extraordinaire!  call him at (912) 352-0404--he still answers his own phone!



Employment Opportunities

Please e-mail me at avataress@msn.com to get information about opportunities for jobs that pay well and for opportunities to have your own profitable business(es).  Please put the words, JOB OPPORTUNITIES, in all capital letters, in the subject line.